Console, graphical and web applications

With console applications, as you can figure out yourselves, all operations for reading input and printing output are done through the console. There the input data is inserted, which is read from the application, also in it, is printed the output data after or during the runtime of the program.

While the console application uses the text console, web applications use web-based user interface. To receive their performance are needed two things - a web server and a web browser, as the browser plays the main role in the visualization of the data and the interaction with the user. Web applications are much more pleasant for the user, they visually look better, and a mouse and touch screen can be used (for tablets and smartphones), but behind all of that stands programming. And this is why we have to learn to program and we have already made our first very little steps towards.

Graphical (GUI) applications have a visual user interface, directly into your computer or mobile device, without a web browser. Graphical applications (or otherwise said, desktop applications) contain one or more graphical windows, in which are situated certain controllers (text fields, buttons, pictures, tables and others), serving for dialog with the user in a more intuitive way. Similar to them are the mobile applications in your telephone or your tablet: we use forms, text fileds, buttons and other controls and we control them by programming code. This is why we are learning how to write code now: the code is everywhere in the software development.

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