Test the program in the Judge system

The testing of the problems in this book is automated and is done through the Internet, from the site Judge system: https://judge.softuni.bg. The evaluation of the tasks is done immediately form the system. Each task goes through a sequence of tests, as every successfully passed test gives the points considered for it. The tests, which are given for the tasks are hidden.

We can test the program above here: https://judge.softuni.bg/Contests/Practice/Index/503#0. We put the source code from the program in the black field and we choose C# code, the way it is shown:

We send our solution for evaluation with the button [Send]. The system gives a result back in a few seconds in the table with sent solutions. When necessary, we can press the button for renewing the results [refresh] in the upper right side of the table with sent solutions:

In the table with the sent solutions the judge system is going to show one of the following possible results:

  • Points count (between 0 and 100), when the turned in code code gets compiled succesfully (there are no syntax errors) and can be tested.
    • When the solution is correct all of the tests are marked in green and we receive 100 points.
    • When the solution is incorrect some of the tests are marked in red and we receive incomplete or 0 points.
  • When the program is incorrect we will receive a compile time error message.

How to register in SoftUni Judge?

Using your credentials (username + password) for the site softuni.bg. If you don't have a SoftUni registration, make one. It takes only a minute - a standart registration in an Internet site.

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