Installation of Visual Studio Community

We begin with the installation of the integrated environment Microsoft Visual Studio Community (version 2017, latest until June 2017 г.).

The Community version of Visual Studio (VS) is spread freely from Microsoft and can be downloaded from: The installation is typical for Windows with [Next], [Next] and [Finish], but it's important to include the components for "desktop development" and "ASP.NET". It is not necessary to chagne the rest of the settings for the installation.

In the next lines are described in details the steps for the installation of Visual Studio (version Community 2017). After we download the installation file and start it, the following screen appears:

We press the button [Continue] after which we will see the window bellow:

A window with the installation panel of Visual Studio is being loaded.

We put a check on the [Universal Windows Platform development], [.NET desktop development] and [ASP.NET and web development], after which we press the button [Install]. Basically, this is everything.

The installation of Visual Studio begins and a screen like the one bellow will appear:

After Visual Studio is installed, an informative screen will appear and we have to press the [Launch] button, to start it.

After the start of VS a screen appears like the one bellow. From it we can choose whether to enter with our Microsoft account in Visual Studio. For the moment, we choose to continue whithout being logged into our Microsoft account, and this is why we choose the option [Not now, maybe later.]. At a later point, if you have such an account, you may log in, and if you don't have and you meet difficulties with its creation, you can always write in the forum of SoftUni:

The next step is to choose the color theme, with which Visual Studio is visualized. The choice here lays completely on the preferences of the user and it doesn't matter which option will be chosen.

We press the button [Start Visual Studio] and the main view of Visual Studio Community is being displayed:

This is everything. We are ready for working with Visual Studio.

Older versions of Visual Studio

We can use older versions of Visual Studio (for example version 2015 or 2013 or even 2010 or 2005), but it is not recomended, as they don't contain some of the newer options for development and not all of the examples from the book will start.

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