Using Parameters in Methods

As we observed above, the parameters can be zero, one or more. When declaring them you should divide them with a comma. They can be of every type (int, string etc.), and there is an example below to show how they can be used by the method.

Declaring the method and its list of parameters, after which writing the code, which the method executes.

After that invoke the method and give it set values:

When declaring parameters we can use different types of variables, and we should be careful that every parameter has type and name. It is important to note that when invoking the method we must feed it values for the parameters in the order, in which they are declared. If the parameters are first int and after that string, when invoking the method we can't give it firs a string and then int. We can only change places of given parameters if we writh the name of the parameter beforehand, as you will see below in one of the examples. This is generally not good practice!

Let's look at the example for declaring a method, which has several parameters of different types.

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