Let us look at a few examples for floating division. When we divide floating-point numbers, the result is always a real number and the division never fails and works correct with the special values +∞ and -∞:

var a = 15;
Console.WriteLine(a / 2.0);   // Float result: 7.5
Console.WriteLine(a / 0.0);   // Result: Infinity
Console.WriteLine(-a / 0.0);   // Result: -Infinity
Console.WriteLine(0.0 / 0.0); // Result: NaN (Not a Number), e.g. the result
                              // from the operation is not a valid numeric value

When printing the values and -∞, the console output may be ?, because the console in Windows does not work correctly with Unicode and breaks most of the non-standart symbols, letters and special signs. The example above would most probably give the following result:


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