Events and eventhandlers

We difine the following eventhandlers in the controls:

After this we catch the following events:

  • FormConverter.Load (by clicking on the form twice with the mouse)
  • numericUpDownAmount.ValueChanged (by clicking on NumericUpDown control twice)
  • numericUpDownAmount.KeyUp (we choose Events from the dashboard Properties and click twice on KeyUp)

The event Form.Load is executed when the program is started, before the window of the application is shown. The event NumericUpDown.ValueChanged is executed when a change in the value inside the field for entering a number occurs. The event NumericUpDown.KeyUp is executed after pressing a key in the field that enters a number. On the occurance of each of these events, we will recalculate the result.

To catch an event we use the events icon (Events) in the Properties window in Visual Studio:

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