Doing the Calculations

After we have initialized the variables and have stored the corresponding values in them, we go to the calculations.As the values of the variables n, a and b are stored in variables of type int, we can also declare variables of the same type for the results.

The variables w and h are of type double, therefore, for the area of a single tile, we create a variable of the same type. Finally, we calculate the values that we have to print on the console. The number of necessary tiles is received by dividing the area that needs to be covered by the area of a tile. When dividing the two numbers, one of which is a floating-poing number, the result will also be a floating-point number. Therefore, in order for the calculations to be correct, we store the result in a variable of type double. The task does not specify special formatting or rounding of the output, so we just print the values with Console.WriteLine(…).

Testing in the Judge System

Test your solution here:

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