Reading the Input Data and Doing the Calculations

Again: after we have an idea on how to solve the problem and we have considered the data types that we are going to use, we can start writing the program. As in the previous tasks, we can divide the solution into three smaller tasks:

  • Reading the input from the console.
  • Doing the calculations.
  • Printing the output on the console.

We declare the variables that we are going to use by trying to choose meaningful names. With Console.ReadLine(…) we read the input numbers from the console and we convert the input string to int or double with int/double.Parse(…).

We do the calculations:

We could write an expression that calculates the annual income without brackets as well. As multiplication is an operation that has a higher priority over addition, it will be performed first. Despite that, writing brackets is recommended when using more operators, as this way, the code is easily readable and chances of making a mistake are smaller.

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