Hints and Guidelines

Let' s first think of the way we can solve the task again, before having started to write code.

Idea for Solution

We see that the number of bitcoins and the number of Chinese yuans will be given in the input. The output should be in euro. The exchange rates that we have to work with, are specified in the task. We notice that we can only exchange the sum in lev to euro, therefore, we first have to calculate the whole sum that Pesho has in lev, and then calculate the output.

As we have information for the exhange rate of bitcoins to levs, we can directly exchange them. On the other hand, in order to get the value of Chinese yuans in levs, first we have to exchange them in dollars, and then the dollars to levs. Finally, we will sum the two values and calculate how much euro that is.

Only the final step is left: calculating the commission and subtracting the new sum from the total one. We will receive an integer for the commission, which will be a particular percent from the total sum. Let' s divide it by 100, so as to calculate its percentage value and then multiply it by the sum in euro. We will divide the result from the same sum and print the final sum on the console.

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