Solution - part I

It is time to go to the solution. We can divide it into three smaller tasks:

  • Reading input from the console.
  • Doing the calculations.
  • Printing the output on the console.

The first thing we have to do is read the input from the console. With Console.ReadLine() we read the values from the console and with the function double.Parse(…) string is converted into double.

Let' s go to the calculations. The special part here is that after having divided the numbers, we have to store only the whole part of the reslt in a variable.

Search in Google! Whenever we have an idea how to solve a particular problem but we do not know how to write it in C# or we are dealing with one that many other people have had before us, the easiest way to solve it is by looking for information on the Internet.

In this case, we can try with the following search: "c# get whole number part of double". One possible way is to use the method Math.Truncate(…) as it works with double data types. For the number of rows and columns we create variables of the same type.

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