It is time to get to the solution. We can divide it into three smaller tasks:

  • Reading input from the console.
  • Doing the calculations.
  • Printing the output on the console.

In order to read the input, we declare variables, which we have to name carefully, so that they can give us a hint about the values they store. With Console.ReadLine(…), we read values from the console and with the the functions int.Parse(…) and double.Parse(…), we convert the particular string value into int and double.

We do the necessary calculations:

The task does not specify special output format, therefore, we just have to calculate the wanted value and print it on the console. As in mathematics and so in programming, division has a priority over addition. However, in this task, first we have to calculate the sum of the two received values and then divide by 1.94. In order to give priority to addition, we can use brackets. With Console.WriteLine(…) we print the output on the console.

Test in the Judge system

Test your solution here:

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