Hints and Guidelines

In order to solve the task, we will read the input data. Then, we will write a few conditional statements and do some calculations. Finally, we will print the result.

Processing the Input Data and Doing the Calculations

First we have to check what the input data will be, so that we can choose what variables we will use.

To solve the problem, based on the input data, we have to calculate how many litres of wine will be produced. From the task requirements, we see that in order to calculate the quantity of wine in litres, we firstly have to find the quantity of grapes in kilograms, which will be received from the harvest. For that, we will declare a variable that stores a value, equal to 40% of the result from the multiplication of the vineyard area by the quantity of grapes, which is extracted from 1 sq. m.

After having done these calculations, we are ready to calculate the quantity of wine in litres that will be produced from the harvest as well. For that, we declare one more variable that stores that quantity, which in order to calculate, we have to divide the quantity of grapes in kg by 2.5.

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