The point lies on any of the sides of the rectangle if:

  • x coincides with x1 or x2 and at the same time y is between y1 and y2 or
  • y coincides with y1 or y2 and at the same time x is between x1 and x2.

The previous evaluation might be simplified in the following way:

The second way with the additional boolean variables is longer, but much more understandable than the first one, isn't it? We recommend when you write boolean conditions to make them easy to read and understand, instead of making them short. Use additional variables with meaningful names, if needed. The names of the boolean variables have to hint what the value that is kept inside them represents.

What remains is to finish writing the code to print “Inside / Outside”, if the point is not onto any of the sides of the rectangle.

Testing in the Judge System

After you finish writing the solution, you can test it here:

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