Problem: * Point and Triangle – Graphical (GUI) Application

The task that we have is to develop a graphical (GUI) application for visualizing a point and a rectangle. The application must look like identically to the following:

Using the controls on the left we set the coordinates of two of the angles of the rectangle (decimal numbers) and the coordinates of the point. The application visualizes graphically the rectangle and the point and prints whether the point is inside the rectangle (Inside), outside of it (Outside) or on one of its sides (Border). The application moves and resizes the coordinates of the rectangle and the point to be maximum large, but to fit the field for visualization in the right side of the application.

Attention: this application is significantly more complex than the previous graphical applications, which we have developed unitl now, because it requires using functions for drawing and non-trivial calculations for resizing and moving the rectangle and the point. Instructions for building the application step by step follow.

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