Checking If the Student Arrived on Time or They Were Late

Our next step is to do the required checks and calculations, and finally we will print the output. Let's separate the code into two parts:

  • First, let's show when the student arrived - were they early, late or on time. In order to do that, we will use an if-else statement.
  • After that, we will show the time difference, if the student arrives in a different time compared to the exam starting time.

In order to spare one additional check (else), we can, by default, assume that the student was late.

After that, according to the condition, we will check whether the difference in times is more than 30 minutes. If this is true, we assume that the student is early. If we do not match the first condition, we need to check if the difference is less than or equal to zero (<= 0), by which we are checking the condition whether the student arrived within the range of 0 to 30 minutes before the exam.

In all other cases we assume that the student was late, which we set as default, and no additional check is needed.

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