Condition for 0

Let's create and initialize the variables needed for the logic and calculations. In one variable we will store the calculations output, and the other one we will use for the final output of the program.

When carefully reading the requirements, we understand that there are cases where we don't need to do any calculations, and simply display a result.

Therefore, we can first check if the second number is 0 (zero), as well as whether the operation is division or modular division, and then initialize the output.

Let's place the output as a value upon initializing the output parameter. This way we can apply only one condition - whether it is needed to recalculate or replace this output.

Based on the approach that we choose, our next condition will be either a simple else or a single if. In the body of this condition, using additional conditions regarding the manner of calculating the output based on the passed operator, we can separate the logic based on the structure of the expected output.

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