Installing Turtle Graphics NuGet Package

Install the NuGet package "Nakov.TurtleGraphics" to your new Windows Forms project. From Visual Studio you can add external libraries (packages) to an existing C# project. They add up additional functionality to our applications. The official repository for C# libraries is maintained by Microsoft and is called NuGet (

Right-click the Solution Explorer project and select [Manage NuGet Packages…]:

A NuGet package search and installation window will open. Let's search for packages by keyword nakov. A few packages will be found. Select Nakov.TurtleGraphics. Click [Install] to install it to your C# project:

The external library Nakov.TurtleGraphics is already included in our C# project. It defines Turtle class that represents a drawing turtle. In order to use it, add (Form1.cs) in the C# code for our form. Add the following code at the top of the file:

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