Calculating percentages

After we have determinated how many numbers there are in each group, we can move on to calculating the percentages, which is the main purpose of the problem. For this we will use the following formula:

(group percentage) = (count of numbers in group) * 100 / (count of all numbers)

This formula in the program code looks like this:

If we divide by 100 (int number type) instead of 100.0 (double number type), will be performed the so-called integer division and in the variable will be saved only the whole part of the division and this is not the result we want. For Example: 5 / 2 = 2, but 5 / 2.0 = 2.5. Considering this, the formula for the first variable will look like this:

To make it even clearer, let's take a look at the following Example:

Input Output

In this case n = 3. For the loop we have:

  • i = 0 - we read the number 1, which is less than 200 and falls into the first group (p1), and increase the group counter (cntP1) with 1.
  • i = 1 – we read the number 2, which again falls into the first group (p1) and increase its counter (cntP1) again with 1.
  • i = 2 – we read the number 999, which falls into the last group (p5), because its bigger than 800, and increase the counter of the group (cntP5) with 1.

After reading the numbers in group p1 we have 2 numbers, and in p5 we have 1 number. We have no numbers in the other groups. By applying the above formula, we calculate the percentages of each group. If we multiply in the formula by 100, instead of 100.0 we will receive for group p1 66%, and for group p5 – 33% (without fractional part).

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