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First we will read the weigth of every cargo and sum how much tonnes are being transported by minibus, truck and train and we will calculate total tonnes of the transported cargos. We will calculate prices for every type of transport according to the transported tonnes and the total price. Finally we will calculate and print the total average price per tonne and how much of the cargo is being transported by different types of transport in percents.

We declare the needed variables, For Example: countOfLoads – count of the cargos for transportation (we read them from the console), sumOfTons – sum of the tonnage of all cargos, microbusTons, truckTons, trainTons – variables that keeps the sum of the cargo tonnage , transported by minibus, truck and train.

We sill need for loop from 0 to countOfLoads-1, to iterate through all the cargos. For every cargo we read its weight (in tonnes) from the console and save it in а variable, for example tons. We add to the tonnage sum of all cargos (sumOfTons) weight of the current cargo (tons). Once we have read the weight of the current cargo we need to determine which vehicle type will be used (minibus, truck or train). For this we will need if-else checks:

  • If the value of the variable tons is less than 3, increase the value of microbusTons with the value of tons:

    microbusTons += tons;
  • Otherwise, if the value tons is less than 11, increase truckTons with tons.

  • If tons is more than 11, increase trainTons with tons.

Before we print the output we need to calculate percentages of the tonnes, transported by each vehicle and average price per tonne. For the average price per tonne we will declare one more helper variable totalPrice, in which we will sum total price of all transported cargos (by minibus, truck and train). We will receive average price, by dividing totalPrice of sumOfTons. You need to calculate by yourself percentages of tonnes, transported by each vehicle, and print the results, keeping the specified format in the description.

Testing in the Judge System

Test your solution here:

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