Formating and Printing The Output

Finally we need to print the received results, taking into account the formating specified in the description, i.e. sum needs to be rounded to 2 places after the decimal point:

In this case we choose to use the conditional operator (?:) (also called ternary operator), because the recording is shorter. Its syntax is as follows: operand1 ? operand2 : operand3. First operand need to be boolean type (i.e to return true/false). If operand1 returns true, will be executed operand2, and if it returns falseoperand3. In our case we check if the saved money from Lily is enough for a washing machine. If they are more than or equal to the price of washing machine, the check savedMoney >= priceOfWashingMachine will return true and will print „Yes! …“, and if is less – the result will be false and will print “No! …”. Of course, instead of conditional operand, we can use if checks.

More about the conditional operator:,

Testing in the Judge System

Test your solution here:

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