Tips and Tricks

What we know from the problem explanation is that the diamond is with size n x n.

From the example input and output we can conclude that all rows contain exactly n symbols and all the rows, with the exception of the top and bottom, have 2 stars. We can mentally divide the diamond into 2 parts:

  • Upper part. It starts from the upper tip down to the middle.
  • Lower part. It starts from the row below the middle and goes down to the lower tip (inclusive).
Upper Part
  • If n is odd, it starts with 1 star.
  • If n is even, it starts with 2 stars.
  • With each row down the stars get further away from each other.
  • The space between, before and after the stars is filled with dashes.
Lower Part
  • With each row down the stars get closer to each other. This means that the space (the dashes) between them is getting smaller and the space (the dashes) in the left and in the right is getting larger.
  • The bottom-most part is with 1 or 2 stars, depending on if n is even or odd.
Upper and Lower Parts of the Diamond
  • On each row, except the middle row, the stars are surrounded by inner and outer dashes.
  • On each row there is space between the two stars, except on the first and the last row (sometimes the star is 1).

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