Calculating the Length of the Roof

In order to draw the roof, we write down how many stars we start with in a variable called stars:

  • If n i an even number, there will be 2 stars.
  • If it is odd, there will be 1.

Calculate the length of the roof. It equals half of n. Write the result in the variable roofLength.

It is important to note that when n is an odd number, the length of the roof is one row more than that of the base. In C# when you divide two numbers with a remainder, the result will be the number without remainder.


int result = 3 / 2; // result 1

If we want to round up, we need to use the method Math.Ceiling(…): int result = (int)Math.Ceiling(3 / 2f); In this example the division isn't between two integers. "f" after a number shows that this number is of type float (a floating point number). The result of 3 / 2f is 1.5f. Math.Ceiling(…) rounds the division up. In this case 1.5f will become 2. (int) is used so that we can transfer the type back to int.

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