Tips and Tricks

We take from the problem explanation that the house is with size of n x n. What we see from the example input and output is that:

  • The house is divided into two parts: roof and base.

  • When n is an even number, the point of the house is "dull".
  • When n is odd, the roof is one row larger than the base.
  • It is comprised of stars and dashes.
  • In the top part there are one or two stars, depending on if n is even or odd (also related to the dashes).
  • In the lowest part there are many stars and no dashes.
  • With each lower row, the stars increase by 2 and the dashes decrease by 2.
  • The height is n rows.
  • It is made out of stars and pipes.
  • Each row is comprised of 2 pipes - one in the beginning and one in the end of the row, and also stars between the pipes with string length of n - 2.

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