Reading the Input Data and Printing the First Row

From the explanation we see that the input data will be taken from one row only, which will have an integer in the interval [3 … 1000]. This is why we will use a variable of type int.

We can divide the figure into 3 parts - upper, middle and lower. The upper part contains two subparts - a first row and a body of the arrow. We can see from the examples that the count of the outer dots in the first row and in the body of the arrow is (n - 1) / 2. We can write this value in a variable outerDots.

The number of the inside dots in the body of the arrow is (n - 2). We must make a variable named innerDots, which will contain this value.

We can see from the examples the structure of the first row. We must use the declared and initialized variables outerDots and n, in order to print the first row.

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