Reading the Input Data and Printing the Upper Wing

We can see in the explanation that the input data will be taken from only one row which contains an integer in the interval [3 … 1000]. This is why we will use a variable of type int.

We can divide the figure into 3 parts - upper wing, body and lower wing. In order to draw the upper wing, we need to divide it into parts - beginning *, middle \ / and end *. After looking at the examples we find that the beginning is with size n - 2.

We can also see that the upper wing is with size n - 2, and that's why we can make a loop which recurs halfRowSize times.

We can see in the examples that on an even row we have a beginning *, a middle \ / and an end *, and on an odd row - beginning -, middle \ / and an end -. This is why we must make an if-else to check if the row is even or odd and then to draw one of the two types of rows.

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