Free programming courses at SoftUni

SoftUni is the only place in Bulgaria that gives you the opportunity for free programming lessons. You can choose between attendance and online training. The point of this is to give a chance to anyone who is intrested in programming and technologies to try the programming, and to be sure for yourself that you want to take software development serious. You can sign up in basic programming course for free at the SoftUni applying page:

"Basic programming" at SoftUni have the purpose to inroduce you with the basics programming constructions in the software development world, that you can use them at any programming language. Basic programming include working with data, variables and expressions, using conditional statements, construct loops, define and other techniques to build programming logic. The trainings are extremely practiclly targeted which means that the exercises are strongly emphasized. You get the opportunity to apply your knowledge during the learning proccess.

This programming book accompanies the free programming lessons for beginners in SoftUni and serves as an additional teaching aid to help the learning process.

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