About the Judge System

The SoftUni judge system (http://judge.softuni.bg) it's an automated Internet system for checking the solutions of programming exercises by series of tests. The transmission and the check happens in real time: you send the solution and you immediately recive the correct answer. Every successfully taken test gives you the exact amount points that you can take. For correct solution on your task you take all the points. For partially correct solution you take part of the points of the whole task. For completely wrong solution you get 0 points.

Every tasks from the book are available to test in SoftUni judge and we strongly recommend to test the exercises after you solve them to be sure you don't miss anything and that your solution works corectlly according to the requirements of the exercise.

Keep in mind some specifics about SoftUni judge

  • For every task the judge system keeps the most good score you had. Therefore if you upload solution with wrong code or low score compare to the previous one, the system won't take your points.
  • The output result on your program compares with strictly expected result in the system. Every unnecessary symbol, coma or interval may lead to 0 points on the exact test. The output that the judge expects it is described in the description of every task and should be not added anything additional.
  • Example: If the output requires to print a number (ex. 25) do not display any describing messаges as The result is: 25, just print as it is required, i.e. only the number.

    The SoftUni judge system is available in any time from it's website: https://judge.softuni.bg.

    • To sign in use your authentication from SoftUni's website: https://softuni.bg.
    • Using the softuni system is free and it's not bound with the participation in SoftUni's courses.

We are convinced that after a few sended tasks you will like to recive an instant feedback for your solutions and the Judge system will become the most loved helper with your programming learning

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