For whom this book is?

That book is suitable for any begginers at programming, who wants to try what programming is and to learn the main constructions to create programming code, that is used in software development, whatever the programming language is and which technologies are used. The book gives a solid basis that gives you practical skills, that you can use at any future learning in programming and software development.

For anyone who didn't tried the free course Programming Basics in SoftUni, we specificaly recommend to sign up for it absolutly for free, because you learn programming by doing it, not by reading it! From the course you will get free access to lessons, explanations and demonstrations and you can choose whether to be presence or online.There are much practice and code writing, help with the tasks solutions after every topic and you have access to any teachers, assistants and mentors, also forums and discussion groups for any questions.You have access to community of thousands newly in programming and any other help for the begginer.

The free course in SoftUni for fully begginers is appropirate for students (from 5th grade and above), university students and workers with any other professions, who wants to gain technical knowledge and to make sure that programming is their thing and do they want to take software development seriously.

Every month new group starts. The "Programming Basics" course at SoftUni is organized regularly with other different programming language, so just try. The course is free and you can quit any time you want if you want. Signing up for the free attendance or online training is available at the SoftUni application form:

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