Skill #1 - coding (20%)

Writing code creates 20% of the minimal knowledge and skills of the programmer that you need for starting a job at software company. The skills of coding includes the following components:

  • Working with variables, conditional statements, loops
  • Functions, methods, classes and objects
  • Data manipulation: arrays, lists, hash tables, strings

The skill of coding can be assimilate for a few months of hard learning and solving practical problems with writing code every day. This book covers only the first point of coding: Working with variables, conditional statements, and loops . The rest remains to be learned in follow-up trainings, courses and books.

The book (and courses based on this book) gives only the begginning of one long and serious learning on the way of professional programming. If you don't learn perfectly the material from this book you can't become a programmer. You are going to miss fundamentals basics and it will be harder in future. So because of that you need to give enough time to basic programming: solve many problems and write code every day for months until you learn to solve every problem from the book very easily. Then go ahead.

We especially note that the programming language does not matter for the ability to coding. You can code or not. If you can code with C #, you will easily learn to code with Java, C ++ or other languages. That's why the coding skills are being studied quite seriously at SoftUni (curriculum) and they launch in each programming book for beginners , including ours.

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