Programming language does not matter!

As we told you, the difference between programming languages​ and more specifically between the skills of developers of different languages ​​and technologies is around 10-20% of the skills.

  • All programmers have around 80-90% of the same skills that do not depend on the language! These are the skills to program and develop software that is very similar in different programming languages ​​and development technologies.
  • The more languages ​​and technologies you know, the faster you will learn new, and the less you will feel the difference between them.

Indeed, the programming language almost does not matter, you just have to learn to program, and this starts with coding (this book) goes on in the more complex programming concepts (like data structures, algorithms, OOP and FP) and includes the use of fundamental knowledge and skills for software development, software engineering and computer science.

Only when you get specific technology into a software project will you need a specific programming language, APIs knowledge, frameworks and software technologies (front-end UI technologies, back-end technologies, ORM technologies, etc.). Keep calm, you will learn them, all programmers are learning them, but first you need to learn the foundation: to program well then.

This book uses the C# language, but it is not required and can be replaced with Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, C ++, Ruby, Swift, Go, Kotlin, or any other language. To be software developer, you need to learn coding (20%), learn to think algorithmically, and solve problems (30%) , to have fundamental knowledge of programming and computer science (25%) and to have a specific programming language and technologies around it (25%). Be patient, for a year or two all this can be mastered on a good starting level, as long as you are serious.

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