Programming is learned with a lot of writing, not reading!

If someone thinks they will read a book and learn to program without writing a code and solving problems, it is definitely a delusion. Programming needs a lots of practice, with code writing every day and solving hundreds, even thousands of problems, seriously and persistently for years.

You need to solve а lot of problems, to confuse, to fix, to search for solutions and information from Internet, to try, to experiment, to find better solutions, to get used to the code, syntax, with the programming language, the development environment, to search for errors and debugging the broken code, the algorithmic thinking, breaking the problems into smaller parts, gaining experience and raising your skills every day, because when you learn to write code, this is only the first step to the profession of "software engineer". You have to learn a lot, really a lot!

We advise the reader, as a minimum, to try out all the examples from the book, to play with them, to change them and test them. Even more important than the examples are exercise assignments because they develop the developer's practical skills.

You need to solve all the problems from the book because programming is learned with practice! The exercises after each topic are carefully selected to cover in depth the learning material. Тhe purpose of solving all the problems is to give complete skills for writing programming code at the initial level (which is the purpose of this book too). In SoftUni courses we do not accidentally focus on practice and problem solving, and in most courses code writing in class is over 70% of the entire course.

Solve all the exercises from the book. Otherwise you won't learn anything! Programming is learned by writing a lot of code and solving thousands of problems!

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