The book to help teachers

If you are a programming teacher, informatics or IT or you want to teach programming, this book gives you more than well-structured teaching material with many examples and tasks. Free to the book you receive quality educational content for teaching in school, in bulgarian, according to the school requirements:

  • Presentations (PowerPoint slides) for each school theme,compliant to 45-minute classes in schools - for free.
  • Well-developed home and classroom exercises with detailed conditions and exemplary input and output - free.
  • Automated system for exercise checks and homeworks (online judging system) ,which is used by students also free .
  • Video tutorials with methodological guidance from the free course for programming teachers, which conducts regularly by the SoftUni Foundation.

All free teaching resources can be found on the SoftUni Foundation website, along with training content for all programming and software courses. Download them free from here:

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