Exercises: First Steps in Coding

Welcome to the exercises. Now we are going to write a couple of console applications, by which we are going to make a few more steps into programming. After that we will show how we can program something more complex – programs with graphical user interface.

Video: Chapter Summary

Watch the following video to summarize what we learned in this chapter: https://youtu.be/GstN43-eN2g.

What We Learned in This Chapter?

First, we have learned what is programminggiving commands, written in a computer language, which the machine understands and is able to execute. We understood what a computer program is – it represents a sequence of commands, arranged one after another. We got familiar with the language for programming C# on a base level and how to create simple console applications with Visual Studio. We followed the structure of the programming code in the C# language, as for example, the fact that commands are mainly given in the section static void Main(string[] args) between the opening and closing curly parentheses. We saw how to print with Console.WriteLine(…) and how to start our program with [Ctrl + F5]. We learned how to test our code in SoftUni Judge.

The Exercises

Let's get started with the exercises. You didn't forget that programming is learned by writing a lot of code and solving problems, did you? Let's solve a few problems to confirm what we have learned.

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