The story of this book

General head of the project to create the book free programming book for begginers with and open code is Dr. Svetlin Nakov. He is the main ideologist and founder of the learning content of the course "Programming Basics" in SoftUni, which was used as the basis of the book.

Everything begins with the massive amount of free basic programming lessons, conducted in the whole country started in 2014 till now, when the "SoftUni" initiative launched. At the beggining these lessons had large range of theory, but in 2016 dr. Svetlin Nakov completely revise, update and simplifies the whole method of teaching, strongly emphasizes on practice. That is how the core of the learning contect is created.

The free lessons at SoftUni for a start at programming, maybe are the most extensive ones ever conducted in Bulgaria. Until 2017 the course programming basics is being held over 150 times, in around 40 bulgarian towns in person and multiple times online with 50 000 participants in. Absolutely natural was the need to be written a book for the tens of thousands participants at SoftUni basic programming course. On the principle of free software and free knowledge, Svetlin Nakov leads a team of volunteers and starts that open-source project. At first the idea is to create a book with the basis of C# programming language and then other books with other programming languages.

The project is part of the hard work of Software University fondation to create and distribute an open learning content to teach software engineers and IT profesionals.

Author's team

This book is developed from wide author's team of volunteers, that dedecated their time to give away the systematized knowledge and guaide you at the start of programming. List of every author and editor (in alphabetival order.)

Aleksander Krustev, Aleksander Lazarov, Angel Dimitriev, Vasko Viktorov, Ventsislav Petrov, Daniel Tsvetkov, Dimitar Tatarski, Dimo Dimov, Diyan Tonchev, Elena Rogleva, Jivko Nedyalkov, Julieta Atanasova, Zahariya Pehlivanova, Ivelin Kirilov, Iskra Nikolova, Kalin Primov, Kristiyan Pamidov, Luboslav Lubenov, Nikolay Bankin, Nikolay Dimov, Pavlin Petkov, Petar Ivanov, Rositsa Nenova, Ruslan Filipov, Svetlin Nakov, Stefka Vasileva, Teodor Kurtev, Tonyo Jelev, Hristiyan Hristov, Hristo Hristov, Tsvetan Iliev, Ulian Linev, Yanitsa Vuleva.

Book cover design: Marina Shiderova -

Translator Teams


Official book site

The book programming basics with C# is available for free use at this Inhernet address:

This is the official book site and there will be upoloaded any new version. The book is translated mirrored on other programming languages mentioned in the website.

Forum for your questions

Ask your questions about basic programming book at the SoftUni's forum:

In this discussion forum you will recive good response to any question associated with the content of this book also any other questions about programming. The SoftUni community is that big that you will get response after a few minutes. All of the teachers, assistant and mentors at SoftUni also always responds on your questions.

Because of the big amount of learners, you can find in the forum practiclly any solution of any exercise, shared by your collegue. Thousands of students already got the answer on the same exercise, so if you are late you can check the forum. Even though the exercises in "Programming Basics" are changing at some point, the sharing at SoftUni is always welcomed and encouraged, that's why you will easly find solutions and guidance in any exercise.

If you do have a specific question, for example if you spend many hours on an exact program and it doesn't start, you can always ask in the forum. You will be surprised how well-meaning are the SoftUni's forum participants are.

Official facebook page of the book

The book has an official facebook page from where you can track news about the book series "Programming Basics", new releases, events and initiatives:

Error reporting

If you find errors, inaccuracies or defects in the book, you can report in the offical traker of the project:

We do not promise to fix everything you send us, but we do want to always improve the quality of the book, so the reported errors and reasonable suggestions will be viewed.

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