Problem: Point in a Figure

The next sample exam problem is about checking whether given point stays inside or outside given figure (see the image below).

Video: Point in a Figure

Watch the video lesson about solving the "Point in a Figure" problem:

Problem Description

Write a program that checks whether a point (with coordinates x and y) is inside or outside the following figure:


The console reads two integers (one per line): x and y.

All input numbers are integers in the range [-1000 … 1000].


Print on the console "in" or "out" – whether the point is inside or outside the figure (the outline is inside).

Sample Input and Output

Input Output Input Output
in 6
Input Output Input Output
out 11

Hints and Guidelines

To find out if the point is in the figure, we will divide the figure into 2 rectangles:

A sufficient condition is the point to be located in one of them, in order to be in the figure.

Determining the Point Location

We read the input data from the console:

We will initialize two variables that will mark whether the point is in one of the rectangles.

When printing the message, we will check whether any of the variables has accepted a value of true. It is enough only one of them to be true, so that the point is in the figure.

Testing in the Judge System

Test your solution here:

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