Visual Studio Shortcuts

In the previous section we mentioned two of the combinations, which are for formatting code. One of them [CTRL + K + D] was for formatting the whole code in a file, and the second [CTRL + K + F] serves if we want to format just a piece of the code. These combinations are called shortcuts and now we will give more thorough information for them.

Shortcuts are combinations, which give us the possibility to do some things easier and faster, and each IDE has its shortcuts, even though most of them are recurring. Now we will look at some of the shortcuts in Visual Studio.

Combination Action
[CTRL + F] The combination opens the search window, with which we can search in our code.
[CTRL + K + C] Comments part of the code.
[CTRL + K + U] Uncomments a code, which is already commented.
[CTRL + Z] Brings back one change (so called Undo).
[CTRL + Y] The combination is opposite of [CTRL + Z] (so called Redo).
[CTRL + K + D] Formats the code according the default conventions.
[CTRL + Backspace] Deletes the word in the left of the cursor.
[CTRL + Del] Deletes the word in the right of the cursor.
[CTRL + Shift + S] Saves all files in the project.
[CTRL + S] Saves the current file.

More about the shortcuts in Visual Studio can be found here:

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