The "Programming Basics" Practical Exam

The course "Programming Basics" at SoftUni finishes with a practical exam. There are 6 problems included, and you will have 4 hours to solve them. Each of the exam problems will cover one of the topics studied during the course. Problem topics are as follows:

  • Problem with simple calculations (no conditions)
  • Problem with simple condition (simple checks)
  • Problem with more complex conditions (nested checks and multiple checks)
  • Problem with a simple loop (e.g. iterate from 1 to N)
  • Problem with nested loops (e.g. drawing a 2D figure on the console)
  • Problem with nested loops and more complex logic (loops and checks together)

Video: The Practical Exam Explained

Watch this video to learn more about the practical exam, the problems, the evaluation and the automated judge system:

The Online Evaluation System (Judge)

All exams and exercises from this book are automatically tested through the online Judge system: For each of the problems there are visible (zero point) tests to help you understand what is expected of the problem and fix your mistakes, as well as competition tests that are hidden and check if your solution is working properly. In the Judge system you can log in with your account.

How does the testing in Judge work? You upload the source code and from the menu below you choose to compile as a C# program. The program is being tested with a series of tests, giving points for each successful test.

The Problems

Now, let's proceed with the exam problems. As it was already explained, they come in 6 groups, covering the 6 most important topics in this book:

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