Problem: Triangle of 55 Stars

Write a C# console program that prints a triangle made of 55 stars on 10 lines:


Video: Problem "Triangle of 55 Stars"

Watch a video lesson to learn how to solve the "Triangle of 55 Stars" problem step by step:

Hints and Guidelines

Create a new console C# application with name “TriangleOf55Stars”. Inside it, write code that prints the triangle of stars, for example through 10 commands, as the ones pointed out below:


Testing in the Judge System

Test your solution here:

Try to improve your solution, so that it doesn't have many repeating commands. Could it be done with a for loop? Did you find a smart solution (for example with a loop) of the previous task? With this task you can also use something similar, but a bit more complex (two loops, one inside the other). If you don't succeed, there is no problem, we will be learning loops in a few chapters and you will be reminded of this task then.

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