Problem: N-th Digit

Create a method FindNthDigit(number, index), which takes a number and index N as parameters and prints the N-th digit of the number (counting from right to left and starting from 1). After that print the result on the console.

Sample Input and Output

Input Output Input Output Input Output
4 93847837
8 2435

Hints and Guidelines

In order to do the algorithm use a while loop, until the given number equals 0. At each iteration of the while loop check if the current index of the digit is equal to the index you are looking for. If it is, return as a result the digit at this index (number % 10). If not, remove the last digit in the number (number = number / 10). You should count which digit you are checking by index (from right to left and starting from 1). When you find the number, return the index.

Testing in the Judge System

Test your solution here:

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