Problem: Training Lab

A training lab has a rectangular size l to w meters, without columns on the inside. The hall is divided in two parts- left and right, with a hallway approximately in the middle. In both of the parts, there are rows with desks. In the back of the hall, there is a big entrance door and in the front, there is a podium for the lecturer. A single working place takes up 70 to 120 cm (a table with size 70 to 40 cm + space for a chair with size 70 to 80 cm). The hallway width is at least 100 cm. It is calculated that due to the entrance door (which is with 160 cm opening), exactly one working space is lost, and due to the podium (which is with size 160 to 120 cm), exactly two working spaces are lost. Write a program that receives the size of the training lab as input parameters and calculates the number of working places in it (look at the figure).

Input Data

Two numbers are read from the console, one per line: l (length in meters) and w (width in meters).

Constraints: 3 ≤ w ≤ l ≤ 100.

Output Data

Print an integer: the number of working places in the training lab.

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