Problem: ** Date Calculations – 1000 Days on the Earth

Write a program that enters a birth date in format dd-MM-yyyy and calculates the date on which 1000 days are turned since this birth date and prints it in the same format.

Sample Input and Output

Input Output
25-02-1995 20-11-1997
07-11-2003 02-08-2006
30-12-2002 24-09-2005
01-01-2012 26-09-2014
14-06-1980 10-03-1983

Hints and Guidelines

  • Look for information about the data type DateTime in C# and in particular look at the methods ParseExact(str, format), AddDays(count) and ToString(format). With their help you can solve the problem without the need to calculate days, months and leap years.
  • Don't print anything additional on the console except for the wanted date!

Testing in the Judge System

Test your solution here:

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