Chapter 1. First Steps in Programming

In this chapter, we are going to find out what programming is in its core and how to write simple programs and apps.

  • We will get familiar with the idea of programming languages and development platforms, along with concepts like compilation and code execution.
  • We are going to take a look at the environments for software development (IDEs) and how to work with them, in particular with Visual Studio.
  • We will write and execute our first program with the programming language C# in Visual Studio.
  • We will exercise with a couple of tasks: we will create console-based programs, a graphical application (GUI) and a Web application.
  • We will learn how to check the correctness of the solutions from this book in the Judge system of SoftUni.
  • We will get to know some of the typical mistakes, which are often made during code writing and how to prevent doing them.


Watch a video lesson on this chapter here:

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