The Software University (SoftUni)

The Software University (SoftUni) is the largest training center for software engineers in the South-Eastern Europe. Tens of thousands of students pass through the university every year. SoftUni was founded in 2014, as a continuation of the hard work of Dr. Svetlin Nakov in training skillful software engineering professionals by a practical, contemporary and high-quality education, that combines fundamental knowledge with modern software technologies and a lot of practice.

Video: SoftUni and SoftUni Judge

Watch a video lesson about SoftUni and SoftUni Judge here:

SoftUni: High-Quality Practical Tech Education

The Software University provides quality education, profession, job and diploma for programmers, software engineers and IT professionals. SoftUni builds an extremely successful and strong connection between education and industry by collaboration with hundreds of software companies, provides job and internship of its students, creates quality professionals for the software industry and directly responds to the needs of employers via the training process.

Free Programming Courses at SoftUni

SoftUni organizes free programming lessons for beginners: online and physically in few locations. The purpose is to give a chance to everyone who is interested in programming and technologies to try programming and check if they are interested and if they would get seriously involved in software development. You can sign up for the free course in programming basics using the SoftUni application page:

The free courses at SoftUni have the purpose to introduce you to basic programming constructions in the software development world, that you can use at any programming language. These include working with data, variables and expressions, using conditional statements, constructing loops, defining and calling methods and other approaches for building programming logic. The trainings are highly practically oriented which means that the emphasis is strongly on exercises, and you get the opportunity to apply your knowledge during the learning process.

This programming book accompanies the free programming lessons for beginners in SoftUni and serves as an additional teaching aid to help the learning process.

The SoftUni Interactive Classroom

SoftUni teaches programming and trains software engineering professionals worldwide through its innovative SoftUni Interactive Classroom (, which combines video lessons with live coding sessions, live code examples and interactive live coding exercises with live remote real-time developer support (live chat with the trainers), integrated into a single platform on the Web.

Using the SoftUni Interactive Classroom, you learn directly in the Web browser, where you write, execute and test code and your exercise solutions are automatically evaluated using an integrated judge system. When you have difficulties with some exercise, you ask for help over multiple channels: automated hints and guidelines and live help from the trainers (live chat with an expert from the SoftUni training team). Give it a try at:

This is how the SoftUni Interactive Learning Platform (Interactive Classroom) looks like:

The Automated Judge System

The SoftUni Judge system ( is an automated Internet system for checking the solutions of programming exercises via series of tests. The submission and verification happen in real time: you submit the solution and within seconds you get an answer whether it is correct. Each successfully taken test gives you the points it gains. For a completely correct solution you get all the points for this problem. For partially correct solution you get part of the points for the task. For a completely wrong solution you get 0 points. This how the SoftUni Judge looks like:All problems from the current book are available for testing in SoftUni judge and we strongly recommend testing them after you solve them to be sure you don't miss anything and that your solution works correctly according to the task requirements.

Keep in mind some specifics about SoftUni judge:

  • For each task the judge system keeps the best score you had. Therefore, if you upload a solution with wrong code or lower score compared to the previous one, the system won't take away your points.
  • The output of your program is compared by the system to a strictly expected result. Every unnecessary symbol, missing comma or space may lead to 0 points on a particular test. The output that the judge expects is described in the requirements of every task and nothing else should be added.
  • Example: If the output requires to print a number (ex. 25), do not display any descriptive messages such as The result is: 25, just print as it is required, i.e. only the number.

The SoftUni judge system is available any time via its website:

  • To sign in use your authentication for the SoftUni website:
  • Using the SoftUni system is free and it's not bound with the participation in SoftUni's courses.

We are convinced that after sending a few tasks you will like getting instant feedback for your solutions and the Judge system will become your favorite assistant in your programming practice.

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