Problem: Cinema

In a cinema hall the chairs are ordered in a rectangle shape in r rows and c columns. There are three types of screenings with tickets of different prices:

  • Premiere – a premiere screening, with price 12.00 EUR.
  • Normal – a standard screening, with price 7.50 EUR.
  • Discount – a screening for children and students on a reduced price – 5.00 EUR.

Write a program that enters a type of screening (string), number of rows and number of columns in the hall (integer numbers) and calculates the total income from tickets from a full hall. The result has to be printed in the same format as in the examples below – rounded up to 2 digits after the decimal point.

Sample Input and Output

Input Output Input Output
1440.00 Normal

Hints and Guidelines

While reading the input, we could convert the screening type into small letters (with the function .ToLower()). We create and initialize a variable that will store the calculated income. In another variable we calculate the full capacity of the hall. We use a switch-case conditional statement to calculate the income according to the type of the projection and print the result on the console in the given format (look for the needed C# functionality on the internet).

Sample code (parts of the code are blurred with the purpose to stimulate your thinking and solving skills):

Testing in the Judge System

Test your solution here:

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