How to become a programmer?

Dear readers, probably many of you have the ambition to become a programmer and to develop softwares for living or to work at the IT sector. That's why we have prepared short guide "How to become a programmer" so we can help you to take the first steps to this desired profession.

You are able to become a programmer (working in a software company) for at least 1-2 years of hard work, coding every day and solving thousands of programming tasks, development of several more serious practical projects and gaining a lot of experience with code writing and software development. You can't become a programmer for a month or two! The profession of software engineer requires a lot of knowledge, covered with many, many practice.

There are 4 main skills groups where all programmers must have. Most of these skills are resistant in time and are not influenced by the development in specific technologies (that are changing constantly). These are the skill that any good programmer have and to which every begginner has to strive:

  • coding (20%)
  • algorithmically thinking (30%)
  • fundamentals knowledge of the proffesion (25%)
  • languages and development technologies (25%)

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