Problem: Ticket Price

A student has to travel n kilometers. He can choose between three types of transport:

  • Taxi. Starting fee: 0.70 lv. Day rate: 0.79 lv./km. Night rate: 0.90 lv./km.
  • Bus. Day / Night rate: 0.09 lv./km. Can be used for distances of minimum 20 km.
  • Train. Day / Night rate: 0.06 lv./km. Can be used for distances of minimum 100 km.

Write a program that receives the number of kilometers n and period of the day (day or night) and calculates the price for the cheapest transport.

Input Data

Two lines are read from the console:

  • The first line contains a number n – number of kilometers – an integer in the range of [1 … 5000].
  • The second line contains the word “day” or “night” – travelling during the day or during the night.

Output Data

Print on the console the lowest price for the given number of kilometers.

Sample Input and Output

Input Output Input Output
4.65 7
Input Output Input Output
2.25 180

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