Web application: sumator for numbers

Now we are going to write something even more complex, but also more interesting: a web application that calculates the sum of two numbers. By entering two numbers in the first two text fields and pressing the button [Calculate], their sum is being calculated and the result is shown in the third text field.

Pay attention that we are creating a web-bsed application. This is an application, which is available through a web browser, just like your favorite email or news website. The web application is going to have a server side (back-end), which is written with the language C# with the technology ASP.NET MVC and the client side (front-end), which is written with the language HTML (this is a language for visualization of information in a web browser). The web application is expected to look similar to the following:

In difference to the console applications, which read and write the data in the form of a text in the console, web applications have a web-based user interface. Web applications are being loaded from some Internet address (URL) through a standart web browser. The users write an input data in a page, visualized from the web browser, the data is processed on a web server and the results are shown again in the page of the web browser. For our web application we are going to use the technology ASP.NET MVC, which allows the creating of web applications with the programming language C# in the environment for development Visual Studio.

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