Problem: Sunglasses

Write a program that takes an integer n (3 ≤ n ≤ 100) and prints sunglasses with size of 5*n x n as found in the examples:

Input Output Input Output
3 ******   ******
******   ******
4 ********    ********
*//////*    *//////*
********    ********
Input Output
5 **********     **********
*////////*     *////////*
*////////*     *////////*
**********     **********

Video: Sunglasses

Watch this video lesson to learn how to print sunglasses on the console using nested loops:

Printing the Top and Bottom Rows

From the examples we can see that the sunglasses can be divided into three parts – upper, middle and lower one. A part of the code with which the problem can be solved is given below.

When drawing the upper and lower rows we need to print 2 * n stars, n white spaces and 2 * n stars.

Printing the Middle Rows

When drawing the middle part, we need to check if the row is (n-1) / 2 - 1, because in the examples we can see that in this row we need to print pipes instead of white spaces.

Testing in the Judge System

Test your solution here:

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