Problem: Trip

It is strange, but most people start planning their vacations well in advance. A young programmer has certain budget and spare time in a particular season.

Write a program that accepts as input the budget and season, and as output displays programmer's vacation place and the amount of money they will spend.

The budget determines the destination, and the season determines what amount of the budget will be spent. If the season is summer, the programmer will go camping, if it is winter - they will stay in a hotel. If it is in Europe, regardless of the season, the programmer will stay in a hotel. Each camp or hotel, according to the destination, has its own price, which corresponds to a particular percentage of the budget:

  • If 100 BGN or less – somewhere in Bulgaria.
    • Summer30% of the budget.
    • Winter70% of the budget.
  • If 1000 BGN or less – somewhere on the Balkans.
    • Summer40% of the budget.
    • Winter80% of the budget.
  • If more than 1000 BGN – somewhere in Europe.
    • Upon travelling in Europe, regardless of the season, the programmer will spend 90% of the budget.

Input Data

The input data will be read from the console and will consist of two rows:

  • On the first row we receive the budget - real number in the range [10.00 … 5000.00].
  • On the second row – one of two possible seasons: "summer" or "winter".

Output Data

Two rows must be printed in the console.

  • On the first row – "Somewhere in {destination}" among "Bulgaria", "Balkans" and "Europe".
  • On the second row – "{Vacation type} – {Amount spent}".
    • The Vacation can be in a "Camp" or "Hotel".
    • The Amount must be rounded up to the second digit after the decimal point.

Sample Input and Output

Input Output
Somewhere in Bulgaria
Camp - 15.00
Somewhere in Bulgaria
Hotel - 52.50
Somewhere in Balkans
Camp - 124.80
Somewhere in Balkans
Hotel - 542.82
Somewhere in Europe
Hotel - 1350.00

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