Example: Number in Range [1…100]

Enter an integer in the range [1 … 100]. If the entered number is invalid, enter it again. In this case, an invalid number will be any number that is not within the specified range.

Video: Numbers in the Range [1…100]

Watch this video lesson to learn how to enter a number in the range [1…100]: https://youtu.be/8W-CIbF4cdA.

Hints and Guidelines

To solve the problem, we can use the following algorithm:

  • We create a num variable to which we assign the integer value obtained from the console input.
  • For a loop condition, we put an expression that is true if the number of the input is not in the range specified in the problem's description.
  • In the body of the loop: we print a message "Invalid number!" on the console, then we assign a new value to num from the console input.
  • Once we have validated the entered number, we print the value of the number outside the body of the loop.

Here's a sample implementation of the algorithm using a while loop:

Testing in the Judge System

Test your solution here: https://judge.softuni.org/Contests/Practice/Index/514#5.

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